Hi Jammers! welcome to Animal Jam Mystery! here you can find helpful tips and tricks, wacky glitches, and the newest news! remember to play wild!


12 thoughts on “home

  1. New News Crew Assignment!

    Hey Jammers! There was a new News crew assignment released today.The assignment is to write about the recently released raccoons. I love writing the articles because you can be creative!

    Have you seen today’s new item? It’s a returning underwater rare. The clover trident! While we are on the subject of new things,What do you think of the Ol’ Barn Den? Are you glad it is back in stores? I think i might save up and buy one soon.

    Hope to post more soon! Happy Jamming!


  2. Hey Jammers! i am new to this whole blog thing, and right now figuring out how to post posts and then find them is proving a challenge for me, so if you don’t mind i will just be posting them as replies for now. sprry for my stupidity… :/

  3. Hey jammers! Today’s new item is the underwater member Clover Necklace, sold on the first page of the Bahari Bargains clothing shop.
    While searching the web i discovered funny glitch with coats on raccoons, they stretch! They kind of look like they’re little dresses!
    can’t figure out how to do pictures…so here is a link for a photo of the glitch: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-VuR3bdXTIGk/UUQhI6X3SWI/AAAAAAAAW6w/xk4Yr1apsew/s1600/mia776.png

    Strange right? have you noticed this before?
    Happy Jamming!

  4. Here’s a wacky glitch that happened to me a few days ago on the AJ home page:

    Wacky right? Mira has lights around her! Even wierder, when the glitch happened to me, the sunny background with the trees just looked like a black void! The alphas and login stuff was still there though. this ever happened to you?
    Happy Jamming!

  5. Hey jammers! Happy Lucky Day! Today’s returning item is the Clover Balloon! You can buy one in Jam Mart Clothing for 200 gems. Also, AJHQ has posted a article on the new BFF plushie line. Do you like them? I sure do! Toys can be won by winning Phantom invasion.
    And some great news! the Epic Seasonal Tree is changing, spouting clovers and some are even blooming! A sure sign of spring!
    Happy Lucky day and happy jamming!

  6. Hey Jammers! Today’s rare colored item is the Rare Ninja Mask in the Jam Mart Clothing shop. I love rare mondays, don’t you? How was your Lucky Day? Fun parties? Spend time with buddies? Hope it rocked! Happy Jamming!

  7. Hi Jammers! Today’s new item is the Salon Chair, found in jam mart furnature.First day of spring is tomorrow! What will you do to celebrate? Also due tomorrow is AJHQ announcing the winners of the news crew assignment. May the best writer win!
    Happy Jamming!

  8. Hey jammers! Today’s new item, of all things, is a Croquet Set. Kinda wacky, right? Stinks that AJHQ still hasn’t announced the winner for the news crew assignment! Sooo pumped about that… aren’t you?
    Happy Jamming!
    ~P.S. my user on animal jam is the same as my user on here, ShadowsGirl9, so feel free to jamaa gram me or send questions anytime! 🙂

  9. Hey jammers! Today’s new item is an underwater member den item, the ship’s helm. Not to much excitement in Jamaa these days, except for the new items. The Lucky party will soon be gone, so be sure to visit one and check out the items there while you still have a chance!
    Happy Jamming!

  10. Hey jammers! Looks like another sports themed den item came. Today’s new item is the Baseball Gear, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. What do you guys think my summer den should be? Ol’ barn, enchanted hollow, or volcano? your ideas?
    Happy Jamming!

  11. Everyone i have an announcement to make…
    My fox hat, rare beta top hat, rare mech angel wings, and my tail armor, were just scammed. *crying in real life right now*
    i am desperate for another fox hat, so i am so sorry to ask but if you have any sort of spare fox hat you dont need could you please trade me one? my user is shadowsgirl9, please help!
    ~hope your jamming is happier then mine 😥

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